May 3, 2002

I am not dead!

Now, with that out of the way, I belive an explanation and an apology are in order, and a slightly mooching plea will be given after that. First off, no, the main page is not down, I just decided to put this where everyone can see it. You can get to the rest of the site by clicking here. Second, I really do apologize for the lack of updates, but there's a small issue with that. I've been in college, and while free time for me isn't a problem (I make my own free time, whether I'm supposed to or not ^_~), I do not have internet access in my apartment. That, and the computer I have at school is a slow, stubborn machine with a 1.18 gig hard drive (not a type-o; I mean 1.18) and 24 megs of RAM. So, any updates are done from campus and have to saved on my network drive. I managed to pull off the big update last December from school, but it was a pain, and I would not like to repeat the experience.

So, here's the deal. I'm currently home for the summer. I should be able to update soon and fairly regularly (provided I don't get bogged down with work). When I go back to school in September, I hope to have enough to buy a used laptop (you can find decent ones pretty cheap from eBay or uBid). With a laptop, I'd still be able to plug into the school's network and T-1 connection, but I'd have the space to put the page. I temp, though. Depending on the demand, there is no telling if I will have enough money or not. If I don't have money for a laptop by the time I go back to school, chances are I won't have money for one until the end of next summer.

And now for the mooching plea. And trust me, I really do feel like a mooch for this, but I figure it can't hurt. If you want to help out, I do have a PayPal account (see donation button at bottom). If you want to help but don't have/want/like PayPal, e-mail me at and we can probably work something out. If you have a laptop you're will to donate/sell/barter, by all means, e-mail. We'll talk.

Please, please remember, you are under no obligation. Updates will continue (hopefully more frequently), regardless of whether or not this works. I mean it. Only donate if you, for some odd reason, feel like randomly giving me money. And yes, I realize it's not likely, it probably won't work, and I'll feel like a terrible mooch.

Now, in case you missed it above, click here to get to the rest of the site.


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